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Striptease Magazine
Striptease Magazine is a sophisticated adult magazine that offers striking photographs and powerful content that is similar to Maxim and FHM however is distributed free in local markets and promotes local gentlemen's clubs and related businesses.

You can find Striptease Magazine in adult clubs, video stores, lingerie and toy sotres, various mainstream nightclubs, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, novelty shops and perhaps even under your buddy's bed (or in the bathroom). Our goal is not only to provide you the opportunity to advertise your business but also to assist you in promoting your business. As a successful publication in the industry, we can help you increase our business.

Advertising your business is an investment worth making! By advertising in Striptease Magazine on a regular basis you increase your chances of acquiring new business as well as maintaining repeat business. Statistics have proven that investments made in advertising regularly, increase the profits made as a direct result from advertising. Advertisers who have invested in beautiful full color display ads have been able to pay off the cost of the investment within days. A carefully planned and well thought out ad combined with superior creative design gets the attention from our readers that you deserve. We have come a long in the industry. We are now bigger and better than ever and continue to grow with each issue that comes out. So let us help you grow through advertising with us!